Payment Process for Insured Patients

Payment process for out-patients

When you attend Papworth Clinic for an out-patient appointment, your consultant will send you a bill for the consultation fee and the hospital will charge separately for any tests and treatment carried out.

Before attending your first appointment, you should contact your insurance company to check that that your condition is covered.

Points to check with your insurance company before your out-patient visit:

  • Is there an excess payable on your policy?
  • Are there any monetary limits for out-patient treatment?
  • Is out-patient cover restricted to claims that result in a hospital admission?

Insurance details to bring to your out-patient appointment

  • Insurance company name and scheme details
  • Membership or policy number
  • Any confirmation of eligibility such as a pre-authorisation or claim reference number

If you cannot provide full insurance details or if your insurance does not cover the full cost of your out-patient treatment, we will ask you to pay any hospital charges on the day of your visit.

Payment process for in-patients and day-case patients

Formost patients, treatment costs are based on agreements with your insurer and payment will be made direct by your insurer.

Sundry items

In addition to the main treatment costs, there are often sundry items which you will need to pay for. These may include:

  • Insurance excess or shortfall if your treatment charges exceed your policy limits
  • Specialist equipment to aid recovery eg nebulizer machines, walking aids
  • Drugs to take home if these are not already included in the overall treatment arrangements
  • Personal expenses such as telephone calls, meals for visitors, newspapers

We will ask you to pay for any sundry items before leaving hospital.

Excesses and balances not covered by private health insurance

If you don't have sufficient cover or if there is an excess on your policy, your insurer will advise you of the outstanding payment due to the hospital. We will send you an invoice detailing the outstanding charges that you need to pay.